Upgraded Infrared Drying Chamber

Upgraded Infrared Drying Chamber

The success of the company and its both leading and competing capabilities in the market are largely due to regular investments in the development, improvement and modernization of the produced equipment.
Infrared is a striking example of a stable company that monitors the quality of its products and constantly invests its expertise and innovative technologies in the products manufactured.
Our infrared drying chamber is an excellent example of the efforts invested by our employees into equipment modernization.

The drying chamber has been significantly changed, starting from the introduction of new modern design to the changes made in the main distinguishing peculiarities of the drying chamber – the speed, the quality of drying and the process energy consumption ratio. It is them to be the three fundamental parameters in the area of drying equipment. Here, we are going to give some more details.
The whole drying chamber is made from the stainless steel permitted for use in food industry.
The chamber is fully hermetic, that essentially improves the speed of drying because the cold air orderly enters into chamber and, respectively, leaves it instead of drawing in through the smallest slots.
The method to install the removable air splitters practiced by our Company has shown a clear advantage over the chambers of the previous model without using them.
The experience gained was successfully implemented in the development of the new model chambers. This let us drastically reduce the drying speed. To your attention, we present a photo of the previous drying chamber model containing no splitter (photo No. 2) and a new model with a stationary air splitter (photo No. 3).

Photo No.2. Drying chamber without splitter

Photo No.3. Drying chamber with a stationary splitter

This innovation is based on the even distribution of the hot air going through the product placed on the trays. This allows to evenly dry the product across the entire loading area and reduce the drying time up to 2 times. The drying of chopped garlic is used as an example, see Table 1 (all data was obtained during the industrial drying at the customer’s capacities).
Table No.1

The model of the drying chamberWithout air splitterWith a stationary splitter
Initial weight of dried garlic, kg8080
Drying time, hours.7-6,53-4

As can be seen from the data obtained with the help of practical method, the drying speed has been reduced twice.
Due to our innovative technologies, the efficiency of your business will grow proportionally as the energy consumption ratio of the process reduces, and the time saved allows to increase the output volumes.
“Infrared” is constantly controlling and improving the quality of products. Our modern developments can ensure stable business development, sales growth, and cost reduction.
Quality innovative equipment is one of the “whales” of a successful business.

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