Drying bananas

Bananas drying equipment

Bananas belong to highly energetic products, the use of which increases the blood sugar very quickly, thereby giving energy used for physical and mental loads.

To start bananas drying, the peel should be removed. After that, bananas are cut; the thickness of the cutting depends on the task. It is possible to make banana sweets by cutting 1-3 cm in width. To make banana chips, banana has to be chopped 4-6 mm in width (see photo).
Sliced prepared bananas are necessary neatly spread out on stainless steel trays with the use of teflon inserts. Such an insert provides easy separation of dry bananas without violations to the integral form.

The infrared drying is most effective means to dry bananas. Due to the even invasion of IR-rays into the product, drying becomes not only fast and even but maximally saves the nutrients of the product up to 80-90% of vitamins and active materials. The final product saves its natural attractive appearance, color, flavour and, mostly important, taste.

With the use of infrared drying technology, there is a guarantee to save the integrity of the product for more than a year. Using vacuum packing, it is possible to save the product up to three years. Thus, the product contains 2-5% of moisture and can be stored for a considerable period of time.
Becoming smaller (the final weight 20-25%), the product gains a pronounced taste.

The yield of finished product:
Pear 20 -25 %