Drying chips

Chips drying equipment

Potato, apple, meat and other chips are the favorites among food products to date, the demand for them is stably maintained at a decent level. Being invented by chance, they are firmly in use and easily compete in the number of sales with many products.

The modern equipment provides opportunities to make such process as chips drying fast, economic, and besides – to minimize application of potentially harmful additives and to keep the valuable substances containing in a potato, meat, apples and other products. Using such equipment, you can, on the one hand, guarantee excellent taste and long shelf life of the products, and on the other – optimize the production process and achieve significant savings. Another plus is a rather quick payback of the used units, which are also different and simple in operation..

An excellent option to cook the products loved by all using a special technology – a cabinet for drying chips, in which, with the help of infrared rays, products at low temperatures acquire all the necessary qualities fro storage and transporation; and therefore can be delivered to customers in the best possible way.
Want to diversify your range? It is possible to manufacture products from various raw materials using such equipment. For example, the production of apple chips with a cutting thickness of 3-4 millimeters will take from an hour to one and a half. Meat chips (the thickness of slicing 2-3 millimeters) will be dried 2-3 hours. Effective moisture removal guarantees safety and suitability for use throughout the shelf life.

Infrared drying, providing both safety and effective impact on products, has no analogues and allows not only to count on good results, but also really plan the further development of the effective production. The products will please consumers with excellent taste, and you will be pleased with increased sales.