Drying meat

Meat drying equipment

Meat – one of the main sources of nutritionally adequate and easily digested proteins. It contains a significant amount of B vitamins and trace elements. Extractive substances included in the meat, determine its taste and aromatic properties.

In order to start drying meat, you have to firstly determine which appearance it should have. You can dry any kind of meat: beef, chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, etc. Pork is not the best Kind of meat for drying because it has high fat content, which makes the storage period shorter. Meat should be taken fresh, without bones and veins. Infrared drying is the most effective way to dry meat. Thanks to the uniform penetration of the IR-rays into the interior of the product, drying is not only fast and uniform, but maximally retains useful properties of the product: up to 80-90% of vitamins and active substances. Drying process in an infrared chamber has a sterilization effect due to IR emitters, which provide a full elimination of harmful microorganisms and bacteria. Finished product preserves a natural attractive appearance, colour, smell, and most importantly, taste.

Drying meat shall be made using small pieces uniform in shape and thickness, cutting the slice from 3mm to 8mm. Slices of the meat prepared should be accurately laid out on stainless trays using Teflon inserts. Such an insert will provide an easy separation of dry meat without disruption of its integral shape.
Drying process is controlled by touchscreen, which sets the desired temperature, time and speed of ventilation at each of the drying stages and which ensures the automatic process and maximum efficiency of the entire drying process. Drying meat in the infrared chamber takes from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the thickness of the pieces cut.

At the end of the process, you have to cool the product. After cooling, the meat chips should be brittle and crispy.
Also it is possible to dry meat in the infrared chamber: the process is identical, but the meat has a higher moisture content than meat chips after the drying process.
Infrared drying equipment of our company “Infrared” guarantees excellent quality of the finished product
preserves its useful properties and retains vitamins; drying technology provided by our Company, in comparison with other types of drying, saves time and reduces expenses for electricity, which in turn reduces the cost of the finished products, improves productivity and increases profits of the company, i.e. yours profit.

The yield of finished product:
Chicken 33% | Beef 42% | Pork 45%