Drying mushrooms

Mushrooms drying equipment

Mushrooms are essential sources of albumen. They have an excellent balanced composition of all the necessary vitamins necessary for the human, as well as microelements, albumens, starches and fats. The infrared drying is one of the simplest and the most sustainable methods of mushrooms’ hale maintenance. Due to the innovative drying equipment produced by “Infrared” company, one can get perfectly dried mushrooms with all their nutrients saved and in a short, comparing to the other drying metods’, time period. The ultra-red rays that go deeply into the product and affect the moisture contained in it on the cellular level allows mushroom to maintain its vitamins and microelements, which make the significant part of the mushroom’s nutrients.

After the infrared drying mushrooms gain more sophisticated, rich, pleasant aroma and taste in comparison with the fresh product. In addition, due to the infrared rays mushrooms are disinfected from the harmful microorganisms.
In order to start the process of drying one should first choose the mushroom. Porcinis, yellow boletuses, autumn honey-mushrooms, orange-cup boletuses, variegated boletuses, birch boletuses, girolles. The mushrooms damaged by rodents and slugs are not used in the drying process, as well as the ones with any dark spots, and those that break in the hands. Big mushrooms have to be cut to 2-5 mm thick slices. Medium and small mushrooms have their legs separated from the hats, the legs are cut into rings, and the hats are cut into small pieces, or are dried entirely, which depends on your technological process.

The prepared mushrooms have to be carefully placed on stainless trays so that their edges do not touch with one another. The mushroom has a high level of humidity, up to 90%, so we recommend to use a teflon insert to avoid sticking.
In order to process further to the active phase of the drying process, one has to place all the trays into the infrared drying chamber.
The control and programming mode of the drying process is provided by touch control, which allows one to program the process of infrared radiation step-by-step at each of its stages, which ensures the automatic drying process and its economic feasibility, thanks to the rational use of the electricity at each of the drying stages.
In the device memory it is possible to store up to 100 programs for different modes of products drying. The ventilation system contributes to a uniform selection of the moisture evolved and its organized withdrawal beyond the drying chamber.

Infrared drying equipment of “Infrared” allows to dry the loaded volume of mushrooms really fast, within 1-3 hours (4-5 times faster than with the conventional equipment, when mushrooms are being dried for 12-16 hours), depending on the cutting. The thinner and more uniformly the mushroom is cut, the faster and more efficient its drying is. The well-dried mushrooms can be grounded into a fine powder.
When crushing, poorly digestible films of coarse fibers are destroyed, and mushrooms in this form better reveal their taste and aroma and are more easily absorbed by the body.
This powder is abundantly used in cooking to cook various dishes and sauces, and its price is several times higher than for a fresh mushroom, which undoubtedly contributes to the increase in the amount of your profit, because it is more profitable to sell a finished product than the raw materials for its production.

The yield of finished product:
Button mushroom 10 %