Drying onions

Onion drying equipment

The bulbs contain nitrogenous substances (up to 2.5%), various sugars (10-11%) (glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose), polysaccharide inulin, phytin, flavonoid quercetin and its glucosides, fats, various enzymes, calcium and phosphorus salts , phytoncides, citric and malic acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, PP, C, as well as an essential oil with a sharp odor that irritates the eyes and nose mucous membranes.


Onions have bactericidal and antiseptic effects, fights off viruses and accumulate life-giving energy. Onions improve digestion, raise the resistance of organism to contagious diseases.

Onions shall be properly prepared before drying. The first step is to is to peel onions, than several types of onion cutting can be applied: cutting into cubes, slicing rings ..

It is also possible to obtain onions in the form of a powder, for this it is necessary to dry the onions and leave just 2-5% of moisture, after this, onions can be ground to powder; drying infrared chamber is able to remove moisture from onions and leave just 2% of residual moisture in the product.

The yield of finished product:
Onion 12-18 %