Drying prunes

Prunes drying equipment

To obtain prune of high quality, it is necessary to understand which sorts are best suited for drying, how to prepare the product for the drying process and, most importantly, determine the drying method. This article we give answers to the main questions related to prune production. We’ll take it step by step.

To get prunes of high quality it is necessary to use fruits that are already ripe, unripe fruits and overripe fruits – not allowed for drying, as the quality of such prunes leaves much to be desired, and by their taste and useful characteristics remain far behind after the ripe plum. The sorts like Alycha, Stanley, Naroch, Altana, Cromany, Renclod, Hungarian Italian or Hungarian are the best for drying, but if you do not have the opportunity to purchase such sorts, you can dry any other; it depends on your choice and availability of the differend sorts in your garden, in suppliers or in store shelves.
It is necessary to process the prunes by blanching before the drying process. This will crack the skin of the plum and, thus, facilitate the release of the evaporated moisture since it is the main obstacle for the drying process. In order to do this, it is necessary to sink the plum into the boiling water for 1 minute. Before sinking the plum, add soda to the water in the proportion of one spoon of soda for 1 liter of water. This manipulation with the plum will provide a faster and, most importantly, an even drying process, thus, it allows to get rid of the wax coating on the skin, which also negatively affects the process of moisture evaporation.

A plum may be dried both whole and sliced into halves. Both ways require the removal of the stone since this will make the drying faster and the consuming more pleasant. If you want to dry the plum sliced in halves, you should place it with its skin down to the tray and next to each other. This will avoid juice leaching out in the process of drying and it will give sappiness to the prune.
The berries shall be laid on a stainless steel tray using a Teflon insert, it will ensure easy separation of the finished product after the drying process is finished, without disturbing the integral shape of the prunes. Plum, cut into halves, dries faster than the whole. Having carried out all the above stated manipulation of the plum is ready for its transformation into prunes, but how can this be done? There are many ways, ranging from drying under the sun and ending with a wind and convection cupboard, but they all have little effect and consume a lot of time, up to several days and accordingly there can not be any normal performance, and where there is no productivity, there is not and profits.

The company “Infrared” has developed and introduced an infrared drying chamber, thanks to infrared radiation that penetrates deep into the product and directly affects the moisture contained in the cells, but not the soft tissues of the product itself, the moisture is removed evenly and without damaging the cell membrane, which contributes in obtaining a highly qualitative product, and the speed of drying increases due to the fact that the energy has been expended directly on the removal of moisture from the inside of the product cell, rather than heating the air and the camera itself, like an Infrared radiation has a sterilization effect, which also positively affects the quality of the finished product and its shelf life.

Infrared drying process is controlled by touchscreen, making it possible to save up to 99 programs for various products drying, since the camera is universal, and you can dry not only plums, but apricots, apples, pastille, etc.
Drying in our infrared cameras means the automaticity of the process itself, step by step programming in all its stages and monitoring of all parameters: temperature in the chamber, time and speed of ventilation. Thanks to the ventilation system of the drying chamber, the uniform removal of moisture throughout the product area and its organized removal outside the chamber is ensured.
Thanks to the use of innovative technologies used in infrared drying chambers produced by Infrared, you get finished products of excellent quality, increase the productivity of your enterprise, which will undoubtedly affect your profit and contribute to the expansion of market share.

The yield of finished product:
Prunes 35 – 45 %