Drying vegetables

Infrared vegetable drying equipment

Traditional ways of to store and process vegetables are increasingly giving way to new technologies. Currently, infrared vegetable drying is among the most preferred processing methods, whereby there is no need to speak about heat treatment (due to low temperatures), and, at the same time, a guarantee is given to Consumer to preserve the most important qualities in the product, i.e. a large number of minerals and vitamins, faintest of tastes and aroma.
Moreover, the processing (vegetable drying) occurs in such a way that it is worth returning to the products the lost percentage of moisture, how they return even those few qualities that such a gentle drying deprives them.

Advantages provided by equipment for drying vegetables are truly difficult to overestimate. Thanks to the use of special technologies, your enterpirse can significantly expand the range of products that customers can quickly and easily bring to a state of complete readiness, and manufacturers of certain foods – use as one of the main ingredients. It is impossible not to note the huge plus of the products processed in this way against the many other ways to process them – infrared dried vegetables and other food products do not contain the slightest amount of preservatives and other additives that prolong storage.

Despite this, the finished product does not require the use of any special container, it is stored for a long time (during this period, due to its excellent qualities and attractiveness for customers, it will undoubtedly be realized).
This is very convenient and profitable to process vegetables in this way: the action of infrared rays concentrates on the liquid, without disturbing the structure of the product itself. In addition, after drying there is no microflora on the surface of the vegetables – and there is simply no reason to be spoiled. It is noted that with this production we can almost talk about sterility – it is unlikely that any other method can guarantee the same effect when drying vegetables.

The work of special equipment for drying vegetables due to the use of exceptionally low temperatures does not involve heat losses, it provides both high efficiency and minimum cost – and therefore one can safely talk about the undoubted promise and benefit from such production.
A useful and highly qualitative product (dried vegetables), which preserves its qualities and capable to restore them, is an excellent product that will become your calling card and attract new customers. And the equipment that brings profit and saves you money is the key to the prosperity of your business!