Infrared cupboard dryer

The world known successful companies which had long remained to be the leaders in the market with high levels of competition, owe their position to regular investments in the technology development sphere.

Infrared dryers

Modern approach to drying equipment





1. Setting the temperature
2. Smooth fan power adjustment from 0 -100%
3. Setting the operating time of the program.
4. Adjustment of the ventilation valve.
5. Password protection and setting the access level of the touch panel.
6. Installing more than 100 different programs (extended capabilities)
7. “Opening the door” and the forced “chamber heating” switched off displayed on the screen; when closed, the chamber turns on automatically”


The system prevents arising of problems associated with the human factor in production:
– When the doors of the drying chamber are opened, the heating occurs in automatic mode – Disconnects, after closing the door, the program continues to follow the preset mode and automatically heats the drying chamber (after 5 seconds in the closed state). Thus, when the door is opened, the cupboard dryer would go into a pause mode.

The notification that the door is opened and the drying cabinet is unused will be displayed on the touch screen and will also be accompanied by a corresponding signal, in more than 2 minutes (this time can be adjusted)


In the event of haze or any fire hazard situation, the operator should turn the tap and deliver water to the nozzles sprayingh water on each tray. It is also possible to use the fire extinguishing system in automatic mode. (At the request of the customer) This system also includes temperature sensors that shall be adjusted to react at a certain temperature and when the adgusted limit is exceeded, the siren will be activated.

The fire extinguishing system consists of nozzles installed on the rear wall of the chamber between all trays, two water risers (left and right) and a ball high-speed crane. It is connected to a normal building water supply with a pressure of 2 to 5 atmospheres.


Using drying chambers manufactured by our company “Infrared” you get equipment that can perfectly dry out any product starting from apples, meat and plums and ending with pineapples, papaya and pork ears.

As is known, each product has its own ripening season; correspondingly, the drying seasons differ too. Our equipment is universal: if you buy a cupboard drier for tomatoes, plums, apricots for the summer period, it means that period you can easily dry any other product that will be of interest to your business during autumn-winter, for example, pumpkin, beets, apples, pears etc.

The principle of infrared drying is the uniform application of infrared radiation across the entire product area to remove moisture at the cellular level without damaging the integrity of the cell membrane, i.e. the energy expended by the IR emitters is spent directly on product heating process, rather than air, as in convection drying the energy expended by the IR emitters is expended directly on heating the product, rather than on air heating, like in convection drying.

Infrared drying process is controlled by touchscreen with a simple and convenient interface through which there is an opportunity to program a drying chamber to work with any type of product. A phased programming of the drying process ensures the rational use of electrical resources and time, due to the fact that each step provides an opportunity to establish the optimal time frames, temperature and ventilation speed. Since the process of infrared drying is accompanied by intensive release of moisture, there is a need to remove it. Thanks to the adjustable ventilation system, the moisture released during the drying process is evenly removed across the whole product area from the drying chamber at any of the drying stages.

Infrared drying and its phased programming provides high efficiency of the infrared drying chamber operation; this increases productivity and reduces energy costs, which in turn leads to a reduction in the cost of the finished product and increases the profit gained by the enterprise, as well as attracts customers thanks to a lower market price.

It is difficult to achieve success and withstand pressure from other more progressive companies without innovative equipment. However, a large number of of high-tech facilities can provide a stable business development, sales growth and cost reduction, thus enebling enterprises to stay as one of the leaders for the longest time possible. Infrared drying is among such developments.


Application of infrared radiation for drying food products (fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, root vegetables, meat, seafood, snacks, cheese, tea, herbs, pollen of plants) provides:

– an attractive presentation and preserves the composition of the processed raw materials;

– almost complete sterility: complete destruction of harmful microorganisms, prevention of their further development;

– activation of biological processes that contribute to improving the quality of products.

– preservation of enzymes, since drying can be carried out at low temperature.

– minimum electricity consumption per unit of finished products.

And most importantly – infrared rays do NOT harm the human body and the environment. Thus, the products produced by your company will retain all their useful properties, will be minimally affected by decay, and its storage time will be significantly improved.

The infrared drying technology is also used for processing grain, mixed fodder, spices, sand, coal, pigment, sawdust and other materials, the storage and use of which require the removal of excessive moisture.